Frequently asked questions

We come across the same questions from our customers about blocked drains, septic tanks, drain surveys and repairs. We have listed the most common questions and answers below.

Do you really unblock drains 24/7, 365 days a year?

Yes, we do. Someone will answer the phone, day and night, weekends, bank holidays, even Christmas Day. If it is an emergency someone will come out, to clear your blocked drain. It might cost a little bit extra, but we will come and unblock your drains.

I was looking for a local drainage company, can you help?

Of course we can. We are a large company, with a head office on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells. But what we do have, is our own local engineers, spread across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and now Hampshire and Dorset. Having local drainage engineers means you get a quick reponse, but being part of a larger company, means they have the right equipment and support.

Who pays for unblocking drains, is it the tenant or the landlord?

The landlord is responsible for clearing blocked sewers, drains and external waste pipes other than gullies and waste pipes blocked through tenant misuse. So if the landlord asks a drain cleaning company to clear a drain and they find that the blockage is due to excess fat, wet wipes, sanitary products or paper towels, then the landlord can ask the tenant to pay.

Is a blocked drain my responsibility or is it the water authority?

Generally, if the drains are on your property and they are not shared, then it is your responsibility. Any drains off your property are not your responsibility. A shared drain is the responsibility of the water authority. It gets a bit more complicated with blocks of flats. See our simple guide on drain responsibility. Alternatively call us for FREE expert advice or contact your local water authority.

I have used chemical drain cleaner and my drain is still blocked?

Chemical drain cleaners have very limited uses. They might clear a small amount of hair clogged in your sink or bath, however they can damage pipes, are dangerous if incorrectly used and are bad for the environment. The key question is, do drainage companies ever use chemical drain cleaners? The answer is never. Drainage engineers always use mechanical methods to clear blockages, whether it is drain rods, a drain snake or high pressure water jetting.

Should I use drain roads to clear my drains?

Drainage engineers use drain rods, so they must be ok? Well, yes and no. The drain rods that you can buy from your local diy store screw together. This means that they can easily come unscrewed when you are rodding the drain. Professional drain rods have secure lockfast fittings, making them less likely to come apart in the drain.

Also, a householder will often persist longer with the drain rods making them more likely to get stuck, than an engineer who when rodding does not work, will try high pressure jetting. Drain rods that get stuck are costly to retrieve. If you are lucky, it make take a drain engineer an hour or two to retrieve the rods. If you are not so lucky, they may need to dig the drains up.

I can't find the answer to my question

Please contact us with any questions about blocked drains, drain surveys, drain repairs or blocked gutters and we will do our best to help.

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